Monday, July 12, 2010

Clarabelle- SnowWhite Intro

"Oh boy! Do I miss them!" Snow White grumbled as she stared out of her window.
It has been years since she last saw the seven little dwarfs and she misses the fun time they had. Being very bored, she decided to slip past the guards and went off to venture in the forest, in hope of finding the seven dwarfs again. As she entered the forest, she caught a fragrant smell of delicious pies. Out of curiosity, she went ahead and let the smell lead her to the place where it came from. Unexpectedly, she fell into a deep hole...

Snow White - Eugene

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" The evil looking woman said with a grin and as if the woman was expecting the mirror to change from her reflection to yet again her own, the talking mirror said in a deep tone, " She is the most fairest girl I had ever seen."

The woman stepped back and screamed, “ No! It can’t be! I’ll have to get her, Death, Yes, Death!” At that moment she thought up an evil scheme to get rid of the girl......

89 words


As the beautiful queen sew clothes for baby, she accidentally pricked her fingers with the sharp needle. Three drops of blood dripped on the snow, turning the snow a pretty pink colour. The queen liked the way the red blood shone through the white snow - she thought to herself : if only my baby had skin white as snow with red shining through, she will be the most beautiful women in the world! 
- zhang bo

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Snow White and the Seven Dwarf introduction Jing Heng

The queen was the prettiest lady, with her white dress which was so long that her servant have to help her old the other end. She also have shiny white teeth that many peasant suspected that she paint her teeth. Her skin was soft and white and her hair was as fine as silk. The queen was nicknamed 'the white queen' by the peasants as you can see everything is white she has was white.

Snow White (Lhu Wen Kai)

‘I hate your skin. I hate your lips. I hate your smile! How I wish you didn’t exist in the world!’ says Snow White’s stepmother. Consumed by jealousy, she banished her from her castle and left her to die in the nearby forest. ‘Sigh, How I wish my knight in shiny armour will come!’ She turned around and prey tightly. But before she could even do anything, she saw a gun pointed against her.

Introduction of Snow white and the seven dwarfs by Wee Ren Chang

"Your majesty, you are as beautiful as roses and the snow, that's true. But the little princess is a million times fairer than you." The queen froze. She blinked. She shook in fury. Her face turned as pale as the snow falling from the skies outside her window. The queen screamed in agony. "I MUST KILL SNOW WHITE," she shouted. The queen actually loved her daughter above all her riches all over the world. But when her daughter’s beauty surpassed her’s, she became green with envy.

Snow white and the seven dwarfs (Chong Jun Hao)

"Beautiful daughter, beautiful daughter, all they talk about these days, how about me, the stepmother? I am beautiful too, and I am the loveliest lady in the land! That step-daughter of mine may become the loveliest lady in the land when they grow up! I must get rid of her!" the evil stepmother said as she called her servant to her room. Get rid of that step-sister of mine and I would give you a well deserved reward.

Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs Introduction (Ethan)

There was once a town, and in the town was a village, and in the village a castle in which a princess whose skin was as white as snow. Her name was Snow White. Her evil mother, the queen locked her up in a room full of glue. After enduring the smell o the glue for too long, she could not take it anymore and decided to escape from the castle once and for all.


In a large and mysterious forest of a great kingdom, a beautiful maiden was running away from a hunter holding a razor sharp knife. Her skin was as white and fair as snow and her eyes blue as the sky and hair as sleek and beautiful as can be. She was called Snow White and she was a princess. The hunter was a strong muscular man ordered by Snow White’s evil stepmother, a wicked woman, who despised everything about Snow White.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves T-square

Everyday, looking at the 4 same corners , has caused me to regret everything I had done. Wishing to be able to see sunlight, interact with people, leaving this confined room. I reflected on how my jealousy had cause all this pain to Snow White, me and the dwarves.If there was a chance to change my actions for good, I would.

Snow White- Kok Yin

“La. La. La.” She sang. Snow White had a magnificent voice to go along with her skin that is as fair as snow, her lips that is as red as blood. Everyone agreed that she will grow up as the prettiest lady in the kingdom, but Snow white had a evil stepmother. She is also pretty but Snow White will be far more prettier than her. The stepmother had a magic mirror. She will say “ Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?” And of course, it will reply “ No doubt it is you your majestic” But one day, She asked the same question, instead of the same old sentence, it replied “ It is Snow White who is far more prettier than you” The stepmother was angry and jealous so she made Snow white into a maid. Dressing her in Rags but it doesn’t change the fact that Snow White is the pretty of them all.

By : Kok Yin XD

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs-Introduction ( Yeo Jun Peng )

Snow white was having dinner with the prince and their friends
 at the castle’s grand ball room, the long table was filled with delicious delicacies. The guests were looking forward to eat the royal feast, so when its time to eat the food were quickly finished. After dinner, it was time for desserts. The dessert served were big ,red and juicy apples. When snow white saw the apples, it triggered the memories of her past with the seven dwarfs......

Snow white and the 7 dwarfs by Michelle (:

Every time Snow White sees a apple which is half red, half spoiled, she will think of what happened a long time ago, when she was young. She was the daughter of the queen and king of the country. The queen adored her as she was as white as snow, as red as blood and as black as ebony wood. But after she turned 7, everything changed.......

By Michelle Lim . :D

Snow White INTRODUCTION(Ong Bing Jue

Snow White was cleaning the dwarf house,cooking dinner for the seven dwarfs.Suddenly,the door bell rang.She opened the door and was surprised to see a witch.The witch offered a red apple to Snow White.Snow White took the red poisonous apple from the witch and eat it.As soon as she bite,She sank into unconsiousness.A flash of thoughts when through her mind……...

Snow White(Seah Jit Sheng)

"Crunch, Thud" Snow White fell onto the hard ground after taking a bite from the poison apple. The poison apple was given to her by the queen disguised as an old lady. The queen did that as Snow White was more beautiful than her and was very jealous. Hence, she made a potion and poured over the apple. The potion would put someone into eternal sleep.

Snow White-Kristin

Waking up from her long sleep,Snow White realized that she was in the kingdom.The 7 dwarfs and the prince was around her.She was so shocked that she do not what to say.Then she had a flashback...

Introduction to Snow White(Celine Chee)

Shuffling through the forest looking for mushrooms, the trees growing into a tangle of branches, providing ample shade from the sun, Snow White, with skin as white as the moonlight on a midsummer's night, with serene brown eyes, a kindly smile and a heart of gold. She had a daemon as graceful as her, in the shape of a magnificent swan. She was the most beautiful maiden in the kingdom, the envy of many women and the center of every man's attention. She stepped softly onto the grass, barefoot. The forest was her sanctuary, and the animals her friends. 'For you,' the squirrels whispered, or at least it sounded that way when they placed a mushroom into her basket. Her daemon gently nudged them and they scampered off into the trees. Little did they know that this would be the last time the forest animals ever saw of Snow White..

Snow White and the seven dwarfs- Introduction by Kang Yan

She fainted.

It all happened in a flash, all within a few seconds. She took a gigantic bite on the big and juicy looking apple. The apple dropped and rolled down hill. Snow White was slowly getting dizzy. She stumbled, walked in a zig-zag manner and finally went unconscious. This was all the witch fault, Snow White didn't know the apple was poisonous.

Aaron Sng- Intro (Snow White and the seven dwarves)

    "Come on darling. Just eat the juicy, succulent apple. Nothing will happen!" The old women tempted Snow White. Snow White scanned the surroundings. The dwarves and the animals were no where in sight; it was just herself and the old women in the woods. She took the apple and gave it a try. The sweet flavour burst in her mouth, then it became sour. It was poison. As she fell down, she realised who was the old woman, her step-mother...

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Introduction (By Eunice)

Her shiny hair, as black as ebony, faded to a dull grey. Lips as red as blood became pale, white and chapped. Her cold, lifeless eyes stared back dully, as the seven dwarfs gathered around her. “She didn’t deserve this,” the dwarfs said, “I mean, she’s so nice and...” One of them broke into tears. The rest gazed at her sadly, reminiscing her past beautiful self...

CRUNCH! Snow White fell to the floor. “What’s happening?” Snow White thought, “ One moment I’m biting a delicious-looking apple, the next, I’m falling!” “ What could be wrong? Did the woman who gave me this apple be doing this on purpose? Why would she want to do this?” All these questions and thoughts came to Snow White’s mind, before she crumpled onto the floor, falling into a deep sleep...

Christian Lim