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Monday, August 23, 2010


Friends are a joy to have
Friends help you when you are in need
Friends keep you company
Friends cheer you up when you feel down
Friends are those you can trust
Friends share your joy and sorrow
Friends are people you can rely on
Friends will not judge you
Friends are like a precious gem, hard to find, but easy to loose
Friends give you a shoulder to cry on
Friends never give up on you
Friends are there for you no matter what
Friends stand by you during hard times
Friends are some of the best people you will ever meet
Friends appreciates you for who you are
True Friends are friends for life

June Holiday Task - Poem


Deep in the dark spooky night,
we danced and moved, time was tight.
On the right snacks all around,
on the left, burrows were found.

Soon, as a ray of light was seen,
revealing the place, all so green.
Friends started waking the young up,
they ran around like little pup.

A booming sound heard, trees fell one by one,
if we don't run, we're all done.
Everyone running under the Sun,
run to hide, thats really no fun.

As still as a wall, we stood there,
we can't help it but to stare.
With the Sun just above us, feeling down,
we said goodbye to our hometown.

Kang Yan

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Poems from the June Holidays

Onomatopoeia: My Bad Day at Recess
I sighed as I queued up,
amidst the chatter and yakking of classroom.
A buzzing bee flew by and I dodged it.
I shrieked. The bee landed on my hand.
I was flicking my arm, shoeing it away.
My wallet from my palm whizzed through the air
and "SMACK" it hit a growing teacher.
My wallet fell into the food he was eating with a splash.
A students who slurping his soup broke into a giggle.
"Ouch!" I screeched as the bee stinged me.
Boom! Thud! Clang! Bang! I was running
around, trying to soothe my tingling hand,
while making dirty plates fall from the pail.
"Whack!" I hit a pillar! I could see stars
twinkling and birds tweeting around all around me.
I stuttered an apology to the teacher,
then recess ended with the ring of a bell.

Simile: Teams
A team is like a sandwich because
you need everything in it to make it good.
A team is like a high rise building because
you have to start at the foundation and build up slowly.
A team is like a chain because
you need every part of it to be connected for it to be effective.
A team is like paint because
it needs time to dry up and harden.
A team is like a pulley because
it can reduce an effort for lifting up something.
A team is like a piano because
when each part is prepared whenever people play on it,
the results are spectacular.
A team is like a file because
you can put in things that are of different ages or different colours.
A team is like a pencil case because
a variety of talents, specialities and abilities required
to work together to produce something beyond individuals' abilities.

My Poem By Soe Yan Naung@Norman


The Lord Darth Vader,
he is just like a terminator,
only he is not from the future,
and has Lord Sidious for a tutor.
He is a lonely evil man,
turned from good to bad by some evil plan.
Guess who he is, he is Mr. Vader,
He is the great invader.
Now he owned a show Las Vegas,
where he conquered every last acres,
We waited in Japan for the encore,
but he went to Hawaii instead on his Concorde.
Darth Vader own his own Death Star,
which is parked not very far.
He has an army of super clones,
they are pretty much not alone.
Mr. Vader may not be a good marksman,
but he is a great swordsman.
Aided by the force which is more than a push or pull,
he just have many tools to use.
Lord Vader just watch him conquer with his army
and a cup of mocha, not too sweet but creamy.
With his fleet of Tie Fighters he crushes,
Now I say bye, the universe has been made his.

All about StarWars Poem. © By Norman

English Poem

This is by IMRAN:(He is busy now,doing the summary)

The sea oh the sea,
as angry as a bee,
so gushy it can be,
as active as a flea.

The sea oh the sea,
so calm it could be,
so much out of sight,
we all stare at fright.

The sea oh the sea,
home to the sharks,
all hidden in the dark,
and where the creature flourish.

The sea oh the sea,
how hungry it could be,
swallow ip titanic,
and with little Flick.

The sea oh the sea,
how amazing it could be,
as blue as the sky,
as quick as a fly.

Posted by:Bing Jue