Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Poems from the June Holidays

Onomatopoeia: My Bad Day at Recess
I sighed as I queued up,
amidst the chatter and yakking of classroom.
A buzzing bee flew by and I dodged it.
I shrieked. The bee landed on my hand.
I was flicking my arm, shoeing it away.
My wallet from my palm whizzed through the air
and "SMACK" it hit a growing teacher.
My wallet fell into the food he was eating with a splash.
A students who slurping his soup broke into a giggle.
"Ouch!" I screeched as the bee stinged me.
Boom! Thud! Clang! Bang! I was running
around, trying to soothe my tingling hand,
while making dirty plates fall from the pail.
"Whack!" I hit a pillar! I could see stars
twinkling and birds tweeting around all around me.
I stuttered an apology to the teacher,
then recess ended with the ring of a bell.

Simile: Teams
A team is like a sandwich because
you need everything in it to make it good.
A team is like a high rise building because
you have to start at the foundation and build up slowly.
A team is like a chain because
you need every part of it to be connected for it to be effective.
A team is like paint because
it needs time to dry up and harden.
A team is like a pulley because
it can reduce an effort for lifting up something.
A team is like a piano because
when each part is prepared whenever people play on it,
the results are spectacular.
A team is like a file because
you can put in things that are of different ages or different colours.
A team is like a pencil case because
a variety of talents, specialities and abilities required
to work together to produce something beyond individuals' abilities.

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