Sunday, August 1, 2010

Evil Castles

The white, beautiful castle stood tall among the lush, green elm trees. The luxurious blue castle tops, pointed to the sky, contrasted the white, and blend it into a spectacular sight. Flags, blue and white, fly high and proud like the wind was gushing in at hundreds of miles an hour. The strong, brick walls surrounding the castle was old, but nonetheless supported and protected the castle, like a loving mother. The river, stretched from some thousand miles away remained clear, clear like glass, clear like the wind. Grass and trees lined the river, producing a wonderful smell, a smell so great, a smell so magnificent, the smell of Nature. With speed of sound, no greater than light, the skies changed its color, from a light, relaxing blue, to a scary and gloomy grey. The castle will soon expose its one of its darkest secrets, a secret so dark, a secret that is so vulnerable that it will send whoever that knows, into a path of horror, into a path where there is a way in, but no way out….

Castle 2:

The broken ridge hold a secret. It connects. It connects it to a white castle. Maybe that was last time, the past. The ridge is now terribly ruined, with something missing. Something missing from the once magnificent ridge. The magnificent ridge that holds a terrible secret, or rather link a secret that has been unexposed for so long. The dead aura hung around the castle, an aura so dead that no men dare to enter, or even go near it. It holds dreams, dreams of thousands of innocent civilians, that has been killed. Dreams. As the sun start to set, a transformation will soon begin. The darkest of transformation. Something like dawn to dusk, only much, much worse. A light emerged from the castle, which resembles a lighting sign. The purple aura coming out from the eyes were giving out heat, so hot that it can melt rock, melt metal. It became dark again, and suddenly, there were flashes of purple, dark, evil purple.

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