Sunday, August 1, 2010

The two castles

Castle A :
There were birds chirping and you could hear people talking. There was a party being held in the enormous castle, people were waiting outside enjoying the sceneries. The garden filled with amazing flowers were specially colourful today.When looking up you could see birds flying, and the castle was always in your view. Everyone came in their best shirts and dresses, but nobody was as well dressed as the princess that was getting married that day. The castle were decorated with flowers at every corner, white fabrics at every window and everything was made in glass, giving the castle a very grand look.When the princess walked in, everyone was dazzled by her beautiful dress. Nobody knew what danger lurks at the end of the day.

Castle B:
There was a story once told by the villagers that there was something or someone lurking in the abandoned castle of Al-mahad. Nobody who set foot on the path to the castle ever returned.
I never believed it but thinking about the castle gave me a weird feeling, looking at the eerie castle from a far away distance just scares me. The mist around the castle allowed it to be even spookier. There were no life around the castle, it just stood there alone. As everyday pass, the curiosity in me grows bigger and bigger. I wanted to go so badly that I did not care about the rumours. One day, it seemed like the castle was calling out for me, I could not control the urge and ran. I lived to regret that day...

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