Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: 5 Kang Yan)

This picture depicts a scene of a rickshaw puller and a motorcyclist along the roadside. They are the main focuses in the image as they are in the centre of the picture. It is most likely to be a peak hour period as there are many vehicles congesting the road and traffic. 

The rickshaw puller's attire is casual. He is also bare-footed. Perhaps he is representing the community of the poor and he takes up the job of a rickshaw puller to earn a living. As it is a peak period, the rickshaw puller has customers to serve. He is perspiring in his clothes as he tries his best to fetch the customers to their desired destination. 

Beside him, there is a motorcyclist. He is properly attired. He might be representing the community of the rich in the area, having able to own a motorcycle. Perhaps he has just finished work and is trying to make his way through the traffic jam. 

This picture might be a common seen occurrence at busy locations.

Upon looking at this picture, I think that the photographer is trying to compare and contrast the different lifestyles of common people. Some of them have a luxurious life while some have to work the hard way to earn money to survive. 

I like the angle where the picture was taken. It clearly shows that the motorcyclist and the rickshaw puller is moving in opposite directions. If I were the photographer, I might want to experiment and try to take the picture from the side view.

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