Thursday, August 19, 2010

My english poem

Ok, Mrs Nair asked me to post up me poem, so here it is:

The story of the Dragon Master(MapleStory)

Evan was just a young farmer's girl
Until she had a dream that changed her world
She was walking in a forest dark and old
And met a dragon with skin black as stone
'Come to me Evan, let our souls be joined,' his voice was deep and low
'Who are you,' said Evan, ' What is this, I want to know!'
'I am an Onyx Dragon,' said he, 'and to get strong I need someone of a different kind.'
'But why me,' said Evan, 'people are easy to find.'
'Good people aren't,' he said, before everything went up in smoke
Sitting up in her bed, Evan woke
'It's only a dream,' she sighs
As she went outside and saw the sky
While feeding the pigs, one piglet broke loose
Evan chased after it, catching it without a noose
But as she ran she fell into a hole
And ended up in a forest that didn't appear unknown
Walking as if she knew the way
'The Pact is formed, we are One now...' she heard someone familiar say
Then Evan found the most wondrous thing
It was an egg, she didn't blink
She picked it up, and ran like the wind
But not before she felt the thing inside toss and spin
She brought it home, put it on her bed
Crack! It hatched, and the tiny thing said,
'Master Evan! It really is you...'
'I was the dragon, but now I'm a baby still.'
Picking it up, Evan said, 'Then I will look after you,'
'And I will become strong with you!'
So they trained hard, and the dragon grew
Dragon Master Evan, the strongest people knew...