Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jit Sheng compo

Castle 1 :

There stands a castle, Ignitious. So mighty and great, undefeated. Fortified with stone blocks and bricks never to be brought down. Many tried to bring it down, none succeeded. They perished under the king of that castle, Reubben Malk, the greatest hero to have ever lived, with strategies that can break any others. They gained fame, riches and glory after every victory. Upon hearing the name of the King’s name, armies and generals shiver and break into cold sweat. No one dares to challenge this kingdom, afraid of being “exterminated”. Then, their arch enemy the Arkinds, a group of thieves. They have always wanted to bring it down every since the beginning of time. As a last resort, the princess of Arkinds was sent to Reubben Malk. The princess was beautiful and many men would die for her. Reubben Malk too was bewitched by her charm, he fell into her clutches.

Castle 2 :

In the middle of a death valley, lies a castle solemn and quiet. A war waged outside the castle, destroying everything leaving a barren land. A dead aura hung around petrifying even the bravest of man. The war lasted for 10 long and bitter years, killing over hundreds and thousands of people. The enemy had retreated and the castle had prevailed, barely.

The enemy out of desperation destroyed the bridge connecting the castle to the main road so the enemy had no means of chasing them. As for those living the the castle, only one way for them, wait for death. They had run out of fertile lands and food supplies. A hero arose and he discovered something...

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