Sunday, August 1, 2010

Describing the setting

Picture 1:
It stood there, magnificent looking, padded with nicely fitted white bricks. There was only one word that could describe it - ROYALTY. There was nothing to criticise about it. Covered in colours of white and blue, symbolising purity tells us that the castle was not for anyone but the King. Tall trees and greenery surrounded it, leaving a trail of fresh scent in the castle. With the green trees, the air was in no doubt very fresh. A calm looking stream of river lies beneath the bridge leading to the castle. It was so clear that the pebbles at the bottom of the stream could be seen clearly. There were even small fishes swimming in it. Every guest who were there before were thrilled by the amazing architecture of the castle. All it took was one glimpse and the picture would stay in your mind forever.

Picture 2:
On top of a steep hill with windy roads, there was a castle covered in white which contrasted with its surrounding. It stood there, majestic looking. Whenever a lightning strikes during a storm, it highlighted the building making it look spooky in the middle of the deserted area. The road leading to the castle was rocky and was cut off when it reached the deep crate. It was said that an evil wizard lived inside the castle. Deep dark rumours of the history behind the castle were evident. Walking near it would cost your life. Ever heard of the rumour saying once gone in, you'll never come out? This applies well here. Please... don't ever try to go near it. All I know is that booby traps all all over the castle and near it.

Done BY: Clarabelle

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