Monday, August 2, 2010

The castles

Castle 1:(the disneyland one....)

The castle stood magnificently,as if it had come to life and was talking.It seems as though it was shining although the clouds look grey. It shimmer little bits of gold even though it was covered by dull and ugly grey walls. The surroundings looks dull and unhappy but the castle seems to be unaffected by the surroundings. Until one day…………..the birds stopped singing,the sun stops shining,the wind stop blowing and even the water stopped flowing. The leaves seems to turn bits of grey and brown even the walls of the castle seems grey even though the top of the castle is golden. the castle stopped talking and looks as if the castle walls are tumbling and the trees were falling.The river which was teeming with life like fishes and toads,seems to be dying as if the water is drying up and the animals were no where to be seen.Hopes were dashed.Until one night someone came knocking at the door………..

Castle 2:(the one on the hill)

At a unknown place far far away,stood a lonely castle high above a mountain with no way in nor no way out.The air felt tense even from a distance.The sky seems as black as charcoal even though its sunset.There were not a single soul around, as if you were stuck there forever. The clouds were grey even though it was not about to rain. the road seems dark even though the sun was shining brightly. It seems as if it was the end of the world with only you left. You would shiver by the sight of the castle even if there is no wind blowing.Everything seems to have paused, as if everything was still and time seems to have stopped. The sun looks old and dying, as if it was influenced by the surroundings.You would never felt what i feel,if only you were stuck in the castle,with nowhere to go………..


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