Wednesday, August 11, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S10-8: Yeo Jun Peng)

The people in the small house are the focuses of the image. They are clearer and better in quality compared to the other items in the image which are blurred out.

The characters have innocent looks with smiles imprinted on their faces, the image makes the people who looks at it can feel a piece of their happiness. The settings is at a small house with very little furnitures and unhygienic floorings and surroundings.

Its a big yet poor family with many children, however they lived happily despite of their poor background. The surrounding of the people in the image looks filthy, but the people in the place is smiling happily together.

The photographer wants to convey a message that wealth cant always buy you everything, the most important thing is be happy.

There is nothing that i dislike about the image. I like everything about the image. I would have focus more on the baby and his/her brother playing.

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