Monday, August 23, 2010


Friends are a joy to have
Friends help you when you are in need
Friends keep you company
Friends cheer you up when you feel down
Friends are those you can trust
Friends share your joy and sorrow
Friends are people you can rely on
Friends will not judge you
Friends are like a precious gem, hard to find, but easy to loose
Friends give you a shoulder to cry on
Friends never give up on you
Friends are there for you no matter what
Friends stand by you during hard times
Friends are some of the best people you will ever meet
Friends appreciates you for who you are
True Friends are friends for life

June Holiday Task - Poem


Deep in the dark spooky night,
we danced and moved, time was tight.
On the right snacks all around,
on the left, burrows were found.

Soon, as a ray of light was seen,
revealing the place, all so green.
Friends started waking the young up,
they ran around like little pup.

A booming sound heard, trees fell one by one,
if we don't run, we're all done.
Everyone running under the Sun,
run to hide, thats really no fun.

As still as a wall, we stood there,
we can't help it but to stare.
With the Sun just above us, feeling down,
we said goodbye to our hometown.

Kang Yan

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Poems from the June Holidays

Onomatopoeia: My Bad Day at Recess
I sighed as I queued up,
amidst the chatter and yakking of classroom.
A buzzing bee flew by and I dodged it.
I shrieked. The bee landed on my hand.
I was flicking my arm, shoeing it away.
My wallet from my palm whizzed through the air
and "SMACK" it hit a growing teacher.
My wallet fell into the food he was eating with a splash.
A students who slurping his soup broke into a giggle.
"Ouch!" I screeched as the bee stinged me.
Boom! Thud! Clang! Bang! I was running
around, trying to soothe my tingling hand,
while making dirty plates fall from the pail.
"Whack!" I hit a pillar! I could see stars
twinkling and birds tweeting around all around me.
I stuttered an apology to the teacher,
then recess ended with the ring of a bell.

Simile: Teams
A team is like a sandwich because
you need everything in it to make it good.
A team is like a high rise building because
you have to start at the foundation and build up slowly.
A team is like a chain because
you need every part of it to be connected for it to be effective.
A team is like paint because
it needs time to dry up and harden.
A team is like a pulley because
it can reduce an effort for lifting up something.
A team is like a piano because
when each part is prepared whenever people play on it,
the results are spectacular.
A team is like a file because
you can put in things that are of different ages or different colours.
A team is like a pencil case because
a variety of talents, specialities and abilities required
to work together to produce something beyond individuals' abilities.

My Poem By Soe Yan Naung@Norman


The Lord Darth Vader,
he is just like a terminator,
only he is not from the future,
and has Lord Sidious for a tutor.
He is a lonely evil man,
turned from good to bad by some evil plan.
Guess who he is, he is Mr. Vader,
He is the great invader.
Now he owned a show Las Vegas,
where he conquered every last acres,
We waited in Japan for the encore,
but he went to Hawaii instead on his Concorde.
Darth Vader own his own Death Star,
which is parked not very far.
He has an army of super clones,
they are pretty much not alone.
Mr. Vader may not be a good marksman,
but he is a great swordsman.
Aided by the force which is more than a push or pull,
he just have many tools to use.
Lord Vader just watch him conquer with his army
and a cup of mocha, not too sweet but creamy.
With his fleet of Tie Fighters he crushes,
Now I say bye, the universe has been made his.

All about StarWars Poem. © By Norman

English Poem

This is by IMRAN:(He is busy now,doing the summary)

The sea oh the sea,
as angry as a bee,
so gushy it can be,
as active as a flea.

The sea oh the sea,
so calm it could be,
so much out of sight,
we all stare at fright.

The sea oh the sea,
home to the sharks,
all hidden in the dark,
and where the creature flourish.

The sea oh the sea,
how hungry it could be,
swallow ip titanic,
and with little Flick.

The sea oh the sea,
how amazing it could be,
as blue as the sky,
as quick as a fly.

Posted by:Bing Jue

My Poem

Mrs Nair asked me to post my poem up on this blog. So here it is.Cheers!:D

Life has ups and downs.
Just like a roller coaster ride.
You will hear "Arh!"
"Arh!' When something bad happens.
It also have ups.
When it is something good people say "Cool..."
Or even "Arg..."
Life always have good and bad things.
Some people will be as cool as a cucumber when something happens
But some people will be so agitated.
It just sounds like a roller coaster ride!
People enjoy it but some people don't.
Even though you do not like it,
You still have to go through it.
So deal it happily!
This is life!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My english poem

Ok, Mrs Nair asked me to post up me poem, so here it is:

The story of the Dragon Master(MapleStory)

Evan was just a young farmer's girl
Until she had a dream that changed her world
She was walking in a forest dark and old
And met a dragon with skin black as stone
'Come to me Evan, let our souls be joined,' his voice was deep and low
'Who are you,' said Evan, ' What is this, I want to know!'
'I am an Onyx Dragon,' said he, 'and to get strong I need someone of a different kind.'
'But why me,' said Evan, 'people are easy to find.'
'Good people aren't,' he said, before everything went up in smoke
Sitting up in her bed, Evan woke
'It's only a dream,' she sighs
As she went outside and saw the sky
While feeding the pigs, one piglet broke loose
Evan chased after it, catching it without a noose
But as she ran she fell into a hole
And ended up in a forest that didn't appear unknown
Walking as if she knew the way
'The Pact is formed, we are One now...' she heard someone familiar say
Then Evan found the most wondrous thing
It was an egg, she didn't blink
She picked it up, and ran like the wind
But not before she felt the thing inside toss and spin
She brought it home, put it on her bed
Crack! It hatched, and the tiny thing said,
'Master Evan! It really is you...'
'I was the dragon, but now I'm a baby still.'
Picking it up, Evan said, 'Then I will look after you,'
'And I will become strong with you!'
So they trained hard, and the dragon grew
Dragon Master Evan, the strongest people knew...

Ethan's Poem

Mrs Nair asked me to post my poem up on this blog. Enjoy!


The crashing of the waves,

The rushing of the breeze,

Lush greenery in every gaze,

The rustling of the leaves,

Atop the highest mountain,

One hears a silent call,

Like birds flying all around,

In a hallowed hall,

Listen, but do not fear,

For it is by your side,

Weep no less than a tear,

And step into the light,

Filled with stench and aroma,

Nothing is very clear,

Visions from afar,

Nothing is better than nature.

An English Poem

Hello everyone! Mrs Nair asked me to post this poem online. (It's the poem we did during the June Holidays.)

Chirp! Chirp!
Cute birds chirped continuously.
Sway! Sway!
Shrubs swayed swiftly.
Bark! Bark!
Dogs barked loudly.
But Mother Earth is dying,
we need to help her. 
The wind howled like a wolf
Lightnings flashed
Thunders roared.
The rain poured as loud as a jet plane.
Mother Earth cried and cried.
Nobody was going to help her.
She stared at her thermometer placed in her mouth
and cried.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

homeELarning Part 1 and 2

  • Picture 2c
  • Who is/are the focus/focuses in the image? How do you know that?
  • Little boy.Family is facing little boy
  • Describe the characters/setting.
  • Little boy-optimistic
  • mother-caring
  • boy with brown shirt-love to play wiht brother
  • boy witn no shirt-lover carpentering
  • What kind of story do you think lies behind the image? Explain.
  • Little boy jokes entire family laugh
  • What do you think is/are the message/s the photographer is seeking to convey through the image?
  • poor people can be happy
  • What do you like/dislike about the image? What would you have done differently if you were the photographer?
  • the distractions

homELearning Activity (S1-08: 07 Ng Kok Yin)

Part 1:

Who is/are the focus/focuses in the image? How do you know that?
The focuses in the image is the rickshaw puller, as he is in the forefront of the picture, such that the rest of the picture seems like the background.

Describe the characters/setting.
People with an average income will be able to afford a car, or a motorcycle at least. It is important to own a vehicle as being in a big city, where you have to travel often and usually far. However, there are some people who cannot afford to own a vehicle, and hence rely on public transport. The people who are able to afford ,will sit taxi but some rely on the few rickshaw pullers left in such modern days. 

What kind of story do you think lies behind the image? Explain.
I think that the story that lies behind this image is that in some countries, the income gap is huge. The taxi driver is at least able to buy a car to drive customer to their destination. But for the rickshaw puller, they have to use their strength to pull their customer whether if they are fat or thin whether in rain or shine.

What do you think is/are the message/s the photographer is seeking to convey through the image?
I think that he is trying to get the public to know and understand that when people are poor, they get poorer as they are unable to let their children attend school to pursued education.

What do you like/dislike about the image? What would you have done differently if you were the photographer?
I would have taken the rickshaw puller moving next to a taxi with a passenger in it.

Part 2:

homELearning Activity (S1-08: 07 Ng Kok Yin)

Part 1:

homELearning Activity 2 (S108: Tan JingHeng)


The focuses in the image are the family sitting and having a chat. The family take up most of the picture so they must be the focuses.

The setting is a crowded slum and the family is chatting happily there, there are also two girls sleeping behind them, they may be part of the family. I think the story behind this image, is that the children have nothing to do as they are poor and have nothing to play with, so, they chat together. The father is not in the picture, he may be out to work. The message the photographer may be conveying is that although the family is poor, the children are still very happy and we should appreciate what we have and not complain about what we do not have. I like the way the photographer photographed the family in a very natural way. If I were the photographer, I would take the photo further away as I want the people to see the conditions the family is living in.

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: Ethan Soh)

The focuses in the image is the old man who is pulling the rickshaw with many items and two guys sitting on it. The characters are the the old man pulling the rickshaw, the other two guys sitting on the rickshaw and the motorcyclist. I think the story is about an old man who works very hard for a living in very bad and dirty working conditions. I think the photograph is trying to tell us about how hard life is for other people from other poorer countries. The photograph is also trying to tell the viewers to appreciate what they have as they are in a much better condition then the old man in the photograph. I like the fact that the photographer tried to show the actual situation happening. I do not dislike anything

E-Learning Part 2

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: 08 Chan Tse Tzang)


The focus of the picture is the rickshaw puller, he is trying to earn money by pulling rickshaws. Compared to the taxis on the left of the picture. They have an easier life by just driving a car while he has to use all his effort to pull the rickshaw. I think that the photographer is trying to tell us the different type of jobs in the same business, how different it can be and some jobs being harder. I like the picture being able to show that the Rickshaw puller would need a lot of force just to pull a rickshaw and that the load which he has to carry is very heavy. If I were the photographer I have would shown the difference of how much a taxi driver and a rickshaw puller would earn. 

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: Ethan Soh)



Who is/are the focus/focuses in the image? How do you know that?
I think the focuses in the image are the rickshaw puller as they are in the front of the picture and he can be seen at a glance.

Describe the characters/setting.
It was a normal day in the city, where it is bustling with people getting from place to place. There are some people who cannot afford to own a vehicle, so and they have to rely on the few rickshaw pullers. This is the only way feasible to get around without getting tired.

What kind of story do you think lies behind the image? Explain.
I think that the story behind this image is people who live in third world countries are more burdened by the huge income gap by the "mega rich" and the "Mega poor".

What do you think is/are the message/s the photographer is seeking to convey through the image?
I think the photographer is trying to convey the state of countries like these and make people aware of the terrible state of the poor people living there.

What do you like/dislike about the image? What would you have done differently if you were the photographer?
If I were the photographer, I would like to take this picture from another view.

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: 5 Kang Yan)

This is the link to the video.

(Please ignore the video posted up earlier)

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: Eunice Loo Jia Xin)

Part 1

Photo: 2c)

Who is/are the focus/focuses in the image? How do you know that?
The focuses in the image are the rickshaw puller and the motorcyclist, as they are in the forefront of the picture, such that the the rest of the picture seems like the background.

Describe the characters/setting.
It was a typical day in the city, where there are traffic jams ever so often. Usually, people with an average income can afford to own a car, or a motorcycle at least - it is essential for them, being in a big city, where you have to travel efficiently. However, there are some people who cannot afford to own a vehicle, and have to rely on the few rickshaw pullers left in such modern days - it was the only feasible way to travel across the city without feeling worn out by the time they arrived at the destination. Hopefully the rickshaw puller is pumped up with a good night's sleep, or else they are going to be late for their meeting elsewhere.

What kind of story do you think lies behind the image? Explain.
I think that the story that lies behind this image is that in some countries, the income gap is growing wider and wider, as the rich become richer and the poor, poorer.

What do you think is/are the message/s the photographer is seeking to convey through the image?
I think that he is trying to get the public to know, understand, take notice and action of the plight in many countries where this phenomenon is happening today.

What do you like/dislike about the image? What would you have done differently if you were the photographer?
I would take this picture at a different timing, where a branded car passes the rickshaw puller, so that the emphasis of the difference between the rich and the poor are much more obvious than the original picture itself.

Part 2


Elearning -Jit Sheng 17

The main focus is on the living conditions of the two people. The picture was taken with everything in view and where they live.

Sleeping on the mattress are a man probably father of the young girl sleeping beside him. They have a very poor living condition, sleeping on the streets with no shelter and no place to put their items. The little girl is also amputated and lost a leg. This might be because of poverty.

I think the story that lies behind the picture is that many people are living like this in parts of the world. This is extreme poverty and is very pitiful. This is because it show whole living  place instead of just the two people meaning that the picture wants to depict the whole scene.

The message might be that we should be appreciative of what we have and treasure it.

I dislike about how the picture was take as parts of the top is black and blurred another thing I dislike is that the photographer did not help them out by donating some money to them. If I were him, help them out.

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: 19 Soe Yan Naung@Norman)


       The focus of the image is a man pulling a rickshaw through the crowded streets since they seem to be out of place in the modernized world and he is going against the traffic.

       The man seems to be maneuvering his rickshaw to make way for the motorcycle passing through and the rickshaw is loaded with goods and two passengers to be transported. The crowded street used by many, has a jam going on.


        The man seems to be doing his daily work pulling his rickshaw carrying customers and goods. He seems to be risking himself by going the opposite way of the traffic.


        I think that the photographer is trying to show the gruesome work done by these people. The photographer is trying to portray the lives of uneducated rickshaw pullers.

        I like the way the photograph was taken as it de-pics something we usually don't see. If I were the photographer I would have taken the photograph the same way to show the world how some people have to go through life.




homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: 19 Soe Yan Naung@Norman)


homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: 5 Kang Yan)


This picture depicts a scene of a rickshaw puller and a motorcyclist along the roadside. They are the main focuses in the image as they are in the centre of the picture. It is most likely to be a peak hour period as there are many vehicles congesting the road and traffic. 

The rickshaw puller's attire is casual. He is also bare-footed. Perhaps he is representing the community of the poor and he takes up the job of a rickshaw puller to earn a living. As it is a peak period, the rickshaw puller has customers to serve. He is perspiring in his clothes as he tries his best to fetch the customers to their desired destination. 

Beside him, there is a motorcyclist. He is properly attired. He might be representing the community of the rich in the area, having able to own a motorcycle. Perhaps he has just finished work and is trying to make his way through the traffic jam. 

This picture might be a common seen occurrence at busy locations.

Upon looking at this picture, I think that the photographer is trying to compare and contrast the different lifestyles of common people. Some of them have a luxurious life while some have to work the hard way to earn money to survive. 

I like the angle where the picture was taken. It clearly shows that the motorcyclist and the rickshaw puller is moving in opposite directions. If I were the photographer, I might want to experiment and try to take the picture from the side view.


The focuses of the picture is definitely the children as the photographer used a miniature effect to blur the surroundings behind the children and thus to enlarge the focus of the children.

The people are very happy, judging by the looks of their faces. The photograph was probably taken in the village in India or Indonesia.

I think that the family could not afford school for the children and thus they have to stay at home. Since they are bored, the constantly cracked jokes to keep their spirits up and pass the time.

I think the photographer wanted to say via his photo is that although people are living in undesirable conditions, like no school and stuff like that, they could still crack jokes and keep their spirits up. This shows that they appreciate what they have, which definitely shows a contrast on the technology and living conditions we have, but we do not know how to appreciate and still complain, and how they cherish what they have there, like even a simple JOKE.

The photographer managed to bring out the focus by doing a clever trick that I thought was brilliant. He used the clinical miniature effect to highlight the group of people, so that people would immediately switched their attentions to the the group of people and not be distracted by the surroundings.

If I was the photographer, I would have probably done the same thing if the original photo do not have a miniature effect applied to it.

homELearning (S1-08: Celine Chee)

The focuses in the image are the children sitting around chatting with one another and the place where they are sitting at. They take up most of the image thus they should be the focus of it.
The setting is a slum in a poor country where the characters probably live and the characters are the children who are sitting and chatting, the main focus.
I think that the story behind this is the children are living in slums as they are  very poor and regularly go hungry because they look so thin. They could be working at their age and this moment could be one of the few times they have to rest and chat.They may seem to be happy now but this could just be a shadow of their daily lives.
The message the photographer wants to convey is that we must do something to help these poor children get regular meals, proper medical care, better housing, education and better lives. They should get an education to help them succeed better in life when they grow older.
I like the fact that these children were photographed at the time when they were chatting happily and if I were the photographer I would take the photo from a point in which it just shows their laughing faces and not where they are sitting so as to show these children in a better light.

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: 01 Kristin Chai)

videoPicture2c:It focus on people who are poor.Even though they are poor,living in places that are not very good,they can still happy,smiling happily with their family members.The setting in this picture might be somewhere  in Africa or India.This picture may tell a story relating to a poor family living in places they are very bad,even though they have a lot of children and they are  facing money problems,they are still able to live on and smile in their daily live,not worrying not too.Even if 1 person is sad they will still cheer up and face their lives with happiness.As we should be happy for what we have.What I like about the picture is that the photographer had blur out the things behind the family and the expressions the people are having.

home(EL)earning (S1-08 - Aaron Sng)

The woman and the girl slept on a piece of a cloth, they look homeless. They also seem that they made the place their home, as you can see the many cloths and bags around.  And the floor is so dirty it is filled with mud, and only a layer of cloth on top of it, they slept. It looks quite disorganised. What the photographer wanted to say is that in this world. Right now, we, SST Students live in a very urbanised area called Singapore. We are fortunate that we are not homeless like the people shown below. I can tell that is because the woman who has not enough money to support herself and her daughter. They are homeless. Thus, we need to treasure and be happy of where we are living now. We have air conditioners, access to food and flowing water. But these people in the picture would have to do everything themselves. They are not as fortunate as us. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S10-8: Yeo Jun Peng)


The people in the small house are the focuses of the image. They are clearer and better in quality compared to the other items in the image which are blurred out.

The characters have innocent looks with smiles imprinted on their faces, the image makes the people who looks at it can feel a piece of their happiness. The settings is at a small house with very little furnitures and unhygienic floorings and surroundings.

Its a big yet poor family with many children, however they lived happily despite of their poor background. The surrounding of the people in the image looks filthy, but the people in the place is smiling happily together.

The photographer wants to convey a message that wealth cant always buy you everything, the most important thing is be happy.

There is nothing that i dislike about the image. I like everything about the image. I would have focus more on the baby and his/her brother playing.

The focus in this picture are the children as they are infront of the entire picture and are the biggest part of the picture. There are two young boys who are about 8 years old. There is also a girl about the same age as them. There is also a baby boy behind them. They have dark skin which can tell me that they go under the sun a lot. I also can tell that they do a lot of exercise during the day. They are in outside small house and they are having fun. The children are not stressed and they are enjoying themselves as they are in a very rural area. They do not face the daily competition faced by us and the people who work their lives out so that they can be better or the best.

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: 06 Lim Mei Zhi Michelle)


The focus in this picture is on the baby as in the picture, the rest of the people are smiling happily while looking at the baby, thus I think that the focus should be on the baby. The characters in this picture are living at a rundown area but they are not affected by it, instead, they are even used to it. There are no beds, so the baby has to sleep on the hammock, but the baby still manages to bring smiles to his family's faces. I think the story behind the picture should be about the baby doing some small actions like playing with his fingers, which leads to the family members thinking that he's so cute doing that, thus leading them to smile. I think the photographer is trying to convey that no matter what, where are they living, how rundown is their place, people still can live happily together. I like how the family are smiling together, it portrays them being a happy family, having the warmth of the family. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Castle Setting

Castle A
In a huge and prosperous state, stood a hill with lush greenery. The mighty hill carried a city of houses and buildings, each standing on their own. Right in the middle of the metropolis laid a white castle, obviously standing out from the others - due to its smooth milky walls which shines out comparable to the sun. The majestic castle is protected by waves of thick, brick-made walls, each boasting it's toughness and strength.

The narration line was interrupted by chains clanking and knocking into each other. The huge wooden door fell down and melodious yet royal music began to ring through the houses of the neighborhood. A band cladded with clothes signifying the rich and royalty marched out of the door. Marching rather stiffly behind the band is a crowed of armor cladded knights, each with a sternly looking expression. Saving the best for the last, a man, royally attired, sat on a white, elegant, tamed horse. Waving to the cheering crowd.

That man is John, John the eighth king of Metropolica.

Castle B
Pete strode up towards the death-awaiting castle. The castle was in the brink of ruins, like a land-fill abandoned for centuries. The castle was drowned in a never ending cloud of evil filled mist. Although the peaceful sky is blinding Pete from the truth, he is still courageously taking the challenge, the challenge the Four Heavenly Kings gave. Once complete, Pete will be granted a part to enter the Gods' Arena. Pete looked forward to that dream of his - to be Heaven's Best Gladiator Hero. It had been the dream of his, as well as his father's.

His Father wasn't just a ordinary mortal he was God, second ranking general of the Imperial Soldiers. His Mother was as expected, NOT a God but a Mortal. This was very unique. Most Gods have Gods as Partners, but for this rare instance, a God and a Mortal. That was why Pete was given this task, he was unique - Powers of a God, Wits of a Mortal. Pete had not realized that the stood right in front of him, his first test, to take the Giant's golden coin.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The castles

Castle 1:(the disneyland one....)

The castle stood magnificently,as if it had come to life and was talking.It seems as though it was shining although the clouds look grey. It shimmer little bits of gold even though it was covered by dull and ugly grey walls. The surroundings looks dull and unhappy but the castle seems to be unaffected by the surroundings. Until one day…………..the birds stopped singing,the sun stops shining,the wind stop blowing and even the water stopped flowing. The leaves seems to turn bits of grey and brown even the walls of the castle seems grey even though the top of the castle is golden. the castle stopped talking and looks as if the castle walls are tumbling and the trees were falling.The river which was teeming with life like fishes and toads,seems to be dying as if the water is drying up and the animals were no where to be seen.Hopes were dashed.Until one night someone came knocking at the door………..

Castle 2:(the one on the hill)

At a unknown place far far away,stood a lonely castle high above a mountain with no way in nor no way out.The air felt tense even from a distance.The sky seems as black as charcoal even though its sunset.There were not a single soul around, as if you were stuck there forever. The clouds were grey even though it was not about to rain. the road seems dark even though the sun was shining brightly. It seems as if it was the end of the world with only you left. You would shiver by the sight of the castle even if there is no wind blowing.Everything seems to have paused, as if everything was still and time seems to have stopped. The sun looks old and dying, as if it was influenced by the surroundings.You would never felt what i feel,if only you were stuck in the castle,with nowhere to go………..


Narrative Introduction(JingHeng)

picture 2

After the broken arch bridge was a mysterious castle made of stone. It was a wonder how it was preserved for many years when all the vegetations died out. The castle was left behind by the last inhabitant, a farmer. Since then, all the plants that was planted died out and there was nothing left.

picture 1

Dark clouds fill the sky, the foggy small start to fill the air. The unfinished white castle, with its creamy paint and shines, stand out in the sky. Then, it started to rain, drops of water feel onto the surfaces of the walls,the paint starts to fade away, what was left was a red castle.

Narrative Description for Two Castles (Daniel)

Towering above the forest landscape stood a majestic castle made out of stone. It’s high walls were grey in colour ,topped with sky blue, coned shape roofs. The highest point of the castle was a tower with a glimmering golden roof from which one could see for miles and miles across the vast land. The overcast sky seemed to make the castle shine and glow, like a flame in the dark of the night. Surrounding the beautiful keep was a river running through a dense forest of massive ancient oak trees and a field of grass, where a lone tree stands. Unbeknownst to many, hidden deep inside the majestic castle lay a dark and wicked secret, a secret which had been the bane of the grand wizard living in the castle for years.

Across an old and broken bridge stood a vanilla white castle atop a rocky and steep hill. It was a magnificent stronghold built out of solid stone blocks, which some say were built to last a millennium, were cut out from the surrounding stone canyons The Path that led up to the stone fortress was narrow and curvy. It had not been used in years for the castle was deserted, abandoned by it’s inhabitants a long time ago. But still it stood, proud and tall, overlooking the barren land that was once filled with fields of flowers and luscious green fruit trees, which were given life by a river of fresh water, but now it ran dry. The red clouds and the beautiful sunset seemed to be floating above the castle like hungry vultures soaring above a carcass. As the sun starts to set, another day passes, along with it’s fading hope.

Introduction on Two Castles (Eunice)

Picture 1 (The Long and winding Road)
As I walked along, I saw a picture. A large picture. A huge drawing hung on the gallery wall. It was an eyesore, as the pictures around it were more cheerful. Happy. It caught my attention, as I stopped moving on and moved closer to it, looking at the details.
A long and winding road was desolate and not well maintained. It looked as if it has not been used for decades. Rocks, covered with dirt, lined the sides. The crumbling floor was evidence that it had been used often in the past. Staring closer at it, I found that there was a gap in the road. Apparently, the road was supposed to connect the cliffs that separated the commoners from the castle. As my eyes wandered further, the road led to a white castle, with black flags on top of the tips. Not connected to the ‘real world’, the people living there must be really outdated, my shallow mind thought. Little did I realise that there was a deeper story behind it....

Picture 2 (Along the Stream)
Rowing along the quiet gentle stream in my old rugged canoe, I get more and more frightened. With alarms ringing in my head, I let the canoe cruise along as I stopped rowing, hesitating over whether I should continue rowing forward or go back to where my friends were, in the more common dam. In a dilemma,  I dipped my hands in the water as I observe my reflection in the water. How did I get into all these trouble in the first place? As I give a dull sigh, my canoe bumped into a wall. A wide wall, in different shades of grey. As I looked up, I saw a magnificent castle. It felt as if it towered over me. I had to stretch my neck tremendously to catch a glimpse of the tip of the highest tower.With its sturdy walls made of bricks, it looked like it had come from a fairytale book. With its flags flying high and proud, I heard the drawbridge creaking open. Feeling very curious, I got out of my canoe to see who it was...

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Description of castles

Castle 1

Not far away, there stood a castle. Through it had been there for almost a century, it was well preserved and looked welcoming. A still river isolated the well painted, majestic looking castle. The lush greenery surrounded the castle made the place inviting. An animal’s dreamland indeed.The castle was enormous. A pale peach color was used to symbolize purity of the kingdom. The tops of the castle were painted in sky blue color, reaching up to the sky. A flag could be found on every tip of the roof. The flags flapped loudly and proudly as the gusty wind blew. Everything looked perfect. Just like how a home of a ruler will look like.

I stared at the wonder in awe. The thought I had was far-fetched from this. I just could not make myself believe this was my friend’s home. The old but well-maintained gates swung down, signaling to me that I was expected.

Castle 2

The Sun was over the horizon. I finally came to the end of the path. Grazing up, I could not believe my eyes. There, on the mountain top, stood a castle. Although it was well-maintained, it was built a century ago. Painted in dull colours, the castle gave off an aura of fear. Furthermore, being located at the top of the hill, it stood out among the all the mountains. Blue, monotonous flags fluttered in the gusty wind. The surrounding air was stale and musty. It smelled like decomposing corpses. A long destroyed path led to the enormous entrance of the castle. Dust collected along the narrow path. I gulped. Could that be the haunted castle my grandfather had been looking for all these years? Despite that, I shuffled my feet along, the dust rising to my nose, causing me to sneeze. Not even the howling wind and the terrible aura emitting from the dark and suspicious castle could stop me from moving forward.

Kang Yan


Picture 1

Dark clouds filled the sky, and huge droplets of rain splashed onto the ground. Only the rooms in the castle were dry and warm and protected from the rain. Jack peeped out of a window from the second floor of the castle, with saliva dripping down his furry chin. Jack stared at the countless splashes of raindrops on the wide pavement at the bottom of the castle. Jack was so sad that it was raining, he longed for his master to take him out for a walk in the castle garden.

All of a sudden, Jack heard a loud shout coming from the hallway down the stairs. Hoping that it was his master calling him down to take him for a walk, Jack excitedly scampered down the staircase to await his master's arrival. Surprisingly, no one was there to pick him up. Jack curiously walked out of the front gate of the castle. Without him noticing, the gate was closed by a mysterious force. Jack frantically searched the walls of the castle but to his dismay, all the entrances were sealed. Jack had to find his way in or else he would starve to death!

Picture 2

As blinding rays of sun entered my eyes, everything in front of me was in a blur. Once the light faded and I ventured thorough a jungle, its darkness had engulfed me completely. While giant spiders as big as your head, spun gigantic webs about 2 meters across, my head throbbed in agony hoping that I would not starve to death in such a hellish place. Looking to the right, three human skeletons laid on the moist, yet scorching ground, with their heads twisted in an akward position. I shuddered at the thought of what had happened to them.

I knew that if I wanted to survive, I had to find a way out of this dense jungle fast and acquire some food. Peering into the distance, between a tangle of vines, was the most beautiful and enchanting castle I had ever seen.
"Imagine all the food I could find in there," I thought to myself. I immediately set my mind to find an entrance to the castle. Little did I know what other horrors were in store for me...

Castle's By Aaron

Castle 1:


Castle 2:

There it stood—the great white castle. The moat surrounding it bloomed with flowers. The trees swayed to and fro with a rhythmic rhythm.  Though it was covered with colours blue and white, one could smell the happiness of the castle. It was a sanctuary to many people, and a haven to many animals. There inside the castle, the great white king ruled. He was a fair and wise king. Until, the manufacturer of sadness came. Sadness came and the king became sad. Leading his kingdom to a crisis. There now the road to the castle was destroyed, all was left were the castle. It used to be the haven to many, but now the prison of many. It stood high up in the mountains, and nobody dared to step foot in it. There, the manufacturer of sadness finally reigned. The great white castle was no longer the castle of happiness. 

Castle (Chong Jun Hao)

Castle 1

The lush greenery ,  a calm river, reflecting the reflection of the grey and white castle. Blue flags hang on top of the blue spires. Alternating blocks of grey and white,  the castle looks more original and less dull. The drawbridge adds to the viewer's interest in the castle. The white part of the castle contrasts with the gloomy sky, bringing the sense of happiness to the viewer.  The golden spire at the top of the tallest tower, stands out from the rest of the dull building. It is like a lighthouse bringing hope to people. The dam at the bottom of the castle, adds colors to the building, letting the building have a variety of colors. With the towers, the castle stands tall and stands out from the dull sky. The lush greenery is only contrasting with the dull sky. The castle is a glimmer of hope in the dark times.

Castle 2
A broken bridge, dark mountain, dark shadowy road and a white castle contrasting to the rest of the environment. The dark clouds in the gloomy sky are the same color as the mountain. Reddish mountain reflects the countless years of war, and showing the bloodshed staining it red. The bridge collapsed as the gloominess was too much for it to bear. The white color of the castle attempts to stand out of the red hill. The attempt was in vain as the reddish of the hill was overpowering the castle in terms of size and proportion. The white castle was also stained with bloodshed from the many years of war, the stairwells stained in blood. Broken swords laid in the pantry of the castle. Rotting corpses lay in the bedrooms, slain during their slumber. Everyone in that castle was dead. The only   living things there were vultures feeding on the rotting flesh. The story of the white castle, the mystery, will be unveiled.