Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elearning -Jit Sheng 17

The main focus is on the living conditions of the two people. The picture was taken with everything in view and where they live.

Sleeping on the mattress are a man probably father of the young girl sleeping beside him. They have a very poor living condition, sleeping on the streets with no shelter and no place to put their items. The little girl is also amputated and lost a leg. This might be because of poverty.

I think the story that lies behind the picture is that many people are living like this in parts of the world. This is extreme poverty and is very pitiful. This is because it show whole living  place instead of just the two people meaning that the picture wants to depict the whole scene.

The message might be that we should be appreciative of what we have and treasure it.

I dislike about how the picture was take as parts of the top is black and blurred another thing I dislike is that the photographer did not help them out by donating some money to them. If I were him, help them out.

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