Sunday, August 1, 2010

Description of Castles

Image A: Image of a Beautiful Castle
The gigantic castle stood tall, with a quiet stream flowing beside it. Tall trees were lining one side of the stream. Lush green pastures were growing beside the castle. All its grand pinnacles were covered with a sky blue except the tallest one which was golden in colour. The flags were waving in the cool breeze and all was serene. The castle appeared to be cheerful. The drawbridge was down, inviting people to view its beautiful interior. I stepped into the main door. I could hear my footsteps on the marble floor echoing in the long hall. On the walls, paintings of its past inhabitants were covering it. At one point, something unexpected jumped from nowhere.

Image B: Image of a Castle set on a Hill Top
The bleak castle sat on its rocky red hill. Its white walls seemed lonely. Its winding path leading to the door seemed dangerous. The bridge was broken into half, threatening any unobservant traveller. Legend goes that a beautiful princess once lived there, all by herself, waiting for someone to save her. She eventually died of old age and her ghost still lives there, waiting for anyone to pass by there.

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