Sunday, August 1, 2010

The two castles

Castle A:
A dark, gloomy sky hung above the grand white castle, trying to dampen its looks, but with walls of pristine white and blue cones for caps, it looked magnificent even from afar. The tallest spire boasted a bird's-eye view of the town, with a golden cap to go. It was surrounded with a green forest full of life, and where a river decided to lay its banks. The outer walls and the windows seemed to be lined with gold, as the wind blew the flags on the top of the cones askew. Just by looking at the exterior of the castle made you wonder how the interior looked liked. Was every corridor lined with gold? Did every piece of furniture had diamonds on it? Only the royal family and their servants knew that, and they didn't reveal anything. So when the royal family went on a holiday, many wanted to break in and see for themselves what it was like.

Castle B:
The sunset casted many colours into the sky, red, orange and yellow. In the middle of an otherwise perfect scene, sat a lonely castle atop a lonely mountain. The bridge that crossed over a never-ending chasm to lead to the castle had been destroyed, isolating the once grand castle which was now haunted with ghosts of its previous owners as they slowly perished without a sound. Now the castle rested on desolate land, where when people looked at it they quickly glanced away, as if just by looking at it they might incur the wrath of the spirits that were in its presence. No animal dared to cross the land, no bird dared to fly over it, not even the fishes who usually swam upstream would want to swim its way. The castle was left alone, no one tended to it, and no one knew what actually happened within its walls.

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