Sunday, August 1, 2010

Describing The Settings (Yeo Jun Peng)

Image Castle 1:
A tall and majestic castle, made of bricks from different types of white soothing colors, its light blue cone shaped roof enhanced the castle's purity and gentle as it is in a surrounding which has green as a main color. It stood mighty and strong in the middle of a river, surrounded by rough and strong bricks. In front of the castle lies a bridge which connects the land with the castle doors, the seemingly distilled water flows slowly under the bridge. One look at it makes your wonder what is inside the castle.

Image Castle 2:
On the top of a rough hill, there is a castle which reads death. A narrow curvy road leading from the top of the hill to the main road. In the middle of the road there is a deep canyon located there, causing the road to be shut half way. The canyon used as a warning for trespassers to not go through or die. In the castle, lived a hideous, most unimaginable being......

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