Sunday, August 1, 2010

Description of castles

Castle 1

Not far away, there stood a castle. Through it had been there for almost a century, it was well preserved and looked welcoming. A still river isolated the well painted, majestic looking castle. The lush greenery surrounded the castle made the place inviting. An animal’s dreamland indeed.The castle was enormous. A pale peach color was used to symbolize purity of the kingdom. The tops of the castle were painted in sky blue color, reaching up to the sky. A flag could be found on every tip of the roof. The flags flapped loudly and proudly as the gusty wind blew. Everything looked perfect. Just like how a home of a ruler will look like.

I stared at the wonder in awe. The thought I had was far-fetched from this. I just could not make myself believe this was my friend’s home. The old but well-maintained gates swung down, signaling to me that I was expected.

Castle 2

The Sun was over the horizon. I finally came to the end of the path. Grazing up, I could not believe my eyes. There, on the mountain top, stood a castle. Although it was well-maintained, it was built a century ago. Painted in dull colours, the castle gave off an aura of fear. Furthermore, being located at the top of the hill, it stood out among the all the mountains. Blue, monotonous flags fluttered in the gusty wind. The surrounding air was stale and musty. It smelled like decomposing corpses. A long destroyed path led to the enormous entrance of the castle. Dust collected along the narrow path. I gulped. Could that be the haunted castle my grandfather had been looking for all these years? Despite that, I shuffled my feet along, the dust rising to my nose, causing me to sneeze. Not even the howling wind and the terrible aura emitting from the dark and suspicious castle could stop me from moving forward.

Kang Yan

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