Sunday, August 1, 2010

Castle Description


In the distance stood a castle, on a mountain top. The monotonous blue flags flying in the wind above the spires. The walls were white, but it looked like a dark place. Against the horizon, the castle looked even more dubious. The long path to the wondrous castle was broken and worn out, preventing travelers from entering. It seemed as though nobody had lived there for a long time, adding to the effect. A chill went down my spine. The castle beckoned me, luring me to enter. The night was drawing near, and I had no choice but to camp somewhere for the night. But how was I to pass the broken bridge? I could see only one way, but it was dangerous, and would bring me close to death. I hesitated. Just then, I heard wolves howling in the distance. That made up my mind , and I moved to the ledge, shuffling across the deep abyss. Better I die trying than be eaten by wolves, I thought.


A beautiful castle stood before, less than 500 metres away. The castle was alive with colours, making me feel happy. The castle exuded an aura, reaching out to my very being, filling it with joy. Everything about the castle was peaceful, with not a sound of human activity, only the soothing sound of nature around me. The stream flowing beside the castle was undisturbed, the surface of the water smooth. The surroundings were full of lush greenery, and the air was fresh. A breeze of cool air blew, messing my hair. I stepped towards the castle, admiring the architecture. The sky-blue roofs of the spires were cheerful, and the golden towers gave it a royal feeling. This castle had not been touched in years, and I could explore it without fear of being caught. The closeness with nature refreshed me, and gave me a wonderful feeling. I had never felt like this before, and was confident that there was magic lingering in the air. I never wanted to leave the place. This was a place of dreams, something that could be found only in storytales. I would make it my home.


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