Thursday, August 12, 2010

The focuses of the picture is definitely the children as the photographer used a miniature effect to blur the surroundings behind the children and thus to enlarge the focus of the children.

The people are very happy, judging by the looks of their faces. The photograph was probably taken in the village in India or Indonesia.

I think that the family could not afford school for the children and thus they have to stay at home. Since they are bored, the constantly cracked jokes to keep their spirits up and pass the time.

I think the photographer wanted to say via his photo is that although people are living in undesirable conditions, like no school and stuff like that, they could still crack jokes and keep their spirits up. This shows that they appreciate what they have, which definitely shows a contrast on the technology and living conditions we have, but we do not know how to appreciate and still complain, and how they cherish what they have there, like even a simple JOKE.

The photographer managed to bring out the focus by doing a clever trick that I thought was brilliant. He used the clinical miniature effect to highlight the group of people, so that people would immediately switched their attentions to the the group of people and not be distracted by the surroundings.

If I was the photographer, I would have probably done the same thing if the original photo do not have a miniature effect applied to it.

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