Sunday, August 1, 2010

Introduction for the settings.

Picture A: image of a beautiful castle
An enormous castle stood upon them. They were in awe. Such beautiful exterior. Contrasting grey and white walls stands out among the whole exterior of the castle. Gigantic gold or blue cone-like pinnacles covers each of the pillar. It makes the castle stands out even more. From afar, you see a castle with a shiny golden pinnacles. From near, you see a gigantic castle with a beautiful scenery of a stream of river flowing beside the castle with the forest green, lush of bushes and trees surrounding the river. The view was amazing, and there was a minty scent all over the castle. How they wished they could stayed there, even for one day. They crossed the dull and old drawbridge slowly, and arrived in front of the brown and small door, slowly opening it, stealthily. Upon open it, they were astonished to see what was inside....

Picture B: image of a castle set on a hill top.
The sky was dark, as if a storm is coming. The whole place was isolated, with musty air surrounding the castle. Nobody dared to go to the castle, and nobody wanted too.. For they fear the legend will come true... Legend has said, a few thousand years ago. A king lived in the castle. It was actually a beautiful castle.
Until one day, a big earthquake shook the whole castle, and the pathway to the castle was destroyed, and the castle was deserted since then. It was said that the corpse of the king and the other servants were still inside the castle. Then, many people wanted to go to the castle. They always go as a group, fixing the pathway, but they were never seen again, with the fixed pathway gone again... Then, Tom and his brave group of friends went on a expedition to the castle, wondering if they would ever come back.....

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