Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Poem By Soe Yan Naung@Norman


The Lord Darth Vader,
he is just like a terminator,
only he is not from the future,
and has Lord Sidious for a tutor.
He is a lonely evil man,
turned from good to bad by some evil plan.
Guess who he is, he is Mr. Vader,
He is the great invader.
Now he owned a show Las Vegas,
where he conquered every last acres,
We waited in Japan for the encore,
but he went to Hawaii instead on his Concorde.
Darth Vader own his own Death Star,
which is parked not very far.
He has an army of super clones,
they are pretty much not alone.
Mr. Vader may not be a good marksman,
but he is a great swordsman.
Aided by the force which is more than a push or pull,
he just have many tools to use.
Lord Vader just watch him conquer with his army
and a cup of mocha, not too sweet but creamy.
With his fleet of Tie Fighters he crushes,
Now I say bye, the universe has been made his.

All about StarWars Poem. © By Norman

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