Thursday, August 12, 2010

home(EL)earning (S1-08 - Aaron Sng)

The woman and the girl slept on a piece of a cloth, they look homeless. They also seem that they made the place their home, as you can see the many cloths and bags around.  And the floor is so dirty it is filled with mud, and only a layer of cloth on top of it, they slept. It looks quite disorganised. What the photographer wanted to say is that in this world. Right now, we, SST Students live in a very urbanised area called Singapore. We are fortunate that we are not homeless like the people shown below. I can tell that is because the woman who has not enough money to support herself and her daughter. They are homeless. Thus, we need to treasure and be happy of where we are living now. We have air conditioners, access to food and flowing water. But these people in the picture would have to do everything themselves. They are not as fortunate as us. 

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