Sunday, August 1, 2010

Describe setting on Castles By Norman (Castle Story)

Picture A-Castle 1

Tales have been told about a beautiful castle in the land of Flair where the King Flair ruled from his Grand castle. The majestic castle was said to have been build long ago by the ancestors of the kingdom. The castle has been made a national treasure and kingdoms had tried to take it before. The castle had lush vegetation grown by its Queen and birds from all over the world made nests in its garden. Beautiful music filled its grounds and the town people outside would enjoy it while going on their own business. The river flowing the castle was like no other, it was so clean and sweet that people travelled from distant lands just to take a drink at it. The castle itself was able to stand out as a beauty with its white walls and blue roofs and a shiny silver one on its tallest tower.

Picture B-Castle 2

The Castle of the White Knight now stands lonely on top of a hill. It has once been a grand place where the White Knight, his name long forgotten, used to live. It has been preserved as a historic site for future generations but its sight now gives most people the creeps. A huge battle was once waged there and the castle had been sieged. The bright white castle walls and the blue roofs could not cover up the feeling nor could the forest and river beside the tall hill. The road leading to it is now in ruins and a grand bridge that use to connect people lays broken in the valley leading to the castle. The castle when entered feels damp and abandoned. Its cracked walls and silent halls gives a very mysterious feeling and its tales made it further mysterious. The castle grounds were to be haunted.

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