Wednesday, August 11, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-08: 06 Lim Mei Zhi Michelle)


The focus in this picture is on the baby as in the picture, the rest of the people are smiling happily while looking at the baby, thus I think that the focus should be on the baby. The characters in this picture are living at a rundown area but they are not affected by it, instead, they are even used to it. There are no beds, so the baby has to sleep on the hammock, but the baby still manages to bring smiles to his family's faces. I think the story behind the picture should be about the baby doing some small actions like playing with his fingers, which leads to the family members thinking that he's so cute doing that, thus leading them to smile. I think the photographer is trying to convey that no matter what, where are they living, how rundown is their place, people still can live happily together. I like how the family are smiling together, it portrays them being a happy family, having the warmth of the family. 

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