Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Castle Setting

Castle A
In a huge and prosperous state, stood a hill with lush greenery. The mighty hill carried a city of houses and buildings, each standing on their own. Right in the middle of the metropolis laid a white castle, obviously standing out from the others - due to its smooth milky walls which shines out comparable to the sun. The majestic castle is protected by waves of thick, brick-made walls, each boasting it's toughness and strength.

The narration line was interrupted by chains clanking and knocking into each other. The huge wooden door fell down and melodious yet royal music began to ring through the houses of the neighborhood. A band cladded with clothes signifying the rich and royalty marched out of the door. Marching rather stiffly behind the band is a crowed of armor cladded knights, each with a sternly looking expression. Saving the best for the last, a man, royally attired, sat on a white, elegant, tamed horse. Waving to the cheering crowd.

That man is John, John the eighth king of Metropolica.

Castle B
Pete strode up towards the death-awaiting castle. The castle was in the brink of ruins, like a land-fill abandoned for centuries. The castle was drowned in a never ending cloud of evil filled mist. Although the peaceful sky is blinding Pete from the truth, he is still courageously taking the challenge, the challenge the Four Heavenly Kings gave. Once complete, Pete will be granted a part to enter the Gods' Arena. Pete looked forward to that dream of his - to be Heaven's Best Gladiator Hero. It had been the dream of his, as well as his father's.

His Father wasn't just a ordinary mortal he was God, second ranking general of the Imperial Soldiers. His Mother was as expected, NOT a God but a Mortal. This was very unique. Most Gods have Gods as Partners, but for this rare instance, a God and a Mortal. That was why Pete was given this task, he was unique - Powers of a God, Wits of a Mortal. Pete had not realized that the stood right in front of him, his first test, to take the Giant's golden coin.

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