Sunday, August 1, 2010

Castle's By Aaron

Castle 1:


Castle 2:

There it stood—the great white castle. The moat surrounding it bloomed with flowers. The trees swayed to and fro with a rhythmic rhythm.  Though it was covered with colours blue and white, one could smell the happiness of the castle. It was a sanctuary to many people, and a haven to many animals. There inside the castle, the great white king ruled. He was a fair and wise king. Until, the manufacturer of sadness came. Sadness came and the king became sad. Leading his kingdom to a crisis. There now the road to the castle was destroyed, all was left were the castle. It used to be the haven to many, but now the prison of many. It stood high up in the mountains, and nobody dared to step foot in it. There, the manufacturer of sadness finally reigned. The great white castle was no longer the castle of happiness. 

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