Sunday, August 1, 2010

Castle (Chong Jun Hao)

Castle 1

The lush greenery ,  a calm river, reflecting the reflection of the grey and white castle. Blue flags hang on top of the blue spires. Alternating blocks of grey and white,  the castle looks more original and less dull. The drawbridge adds to the viewer's interest in the castle. The white part of the castle contrasts with the gloomy sky, bringing the sense of happiness to the viewer.  The golden spire at the top of the tallest tower, stands out from the rest of the dull building. It is like a lighthouse bringing hope to people. The dam at the bottom of the castle, adds colors to the building, letting the building have a variety of colors. With the towers, the castle stands tall and stands out from the dull sky. The lush greenery is only contrasting with the dull sky. The castle is a glimmer of hope in the dark times.

Castle 2
A broken bridge, dark mountain, dark shadowy road and a white castle contrasting to the rest of the environment. The dark clouds in the gloomy sky are the same color as the mountain. Reddish mountain reflects the countless years of war, and showing the bloodshed staining it red. The bridge collapsed as the gloominess was too much for it to bear. The white color of the castle attempts to stand out of the red hill. The attempt was in vain as the reddish of the hill was overpowering the castle in terms of size and proportion. The white castle was also stained with bloodshed from the many years of war, the stairwells stained in blood. Broken swords laid in the pantry of the castle. Rotting corpses lay in the bedrooms, slain during their slumber. Everyone in that castle was dead. The only   living things there were vultures feeding on the rotting flesh. The story of the white castle, the mystery, will be unveiled.

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