Sunday, August 1, 2010

Castle Setting

Castle A:
Dark clouds started to gather in the sky and it was gathering above the grand white castle.The wind was blowing strong against it.There was no one around the area where the grand white castle was.It seemed abandoned but there were foot prints around the paths on the castle ground.The highest and shiny cone was a place where you can stand,allowing you to see a picturesque view of the aree around.The entrance of the castle was closed,not allowing people to enter,it looked like something bad was going to happen during that period of time.Something really bad as like the bad weather the place is going to have.The river next to the castle was dirty,not like the usual clean water when you can see the fishes swimming around happily.The area of the place was very quiet,you can hear every sound in the area.Something bad is going happen soon...

Castle B:
The sunset turned the clouds bloody red and it was starting to gather.The scene was picturesque.The castle on the tall hill,no sight of people coming out of the castle.The hill itself was bloody red,it seemed that a war had just ended at that place.All the flora and fauna was gone,making people wonder how the people in the castle survived in there.The bridge leading it was broken,thus no one can leave or enter place.The broken bridge was just a like warning to people who wants to enter the castle,enter this place and there is no turning back.The feeling in your body will be weird and it will make you change your mind of entering the place.If you were leaving the place,you might regret or might not,as the castle was a mysterious place,so no one really knows what happens to your in the castle.As no one leaves the place after entering it...

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