Sunday, August 1, 2010

Castles by Kok Yin

The Castle. (Picture 1):
The White castle. With the beautiful carvings on it and the magnificent structure, it may seem perfect,but what's unknown to the eye is what that is within it, is a tale that has never been told until now. Villages of the younger generation don't know about it and the older generation knows but don't want to talk about it, thats why it is left untold. Why? You may ask. The answers lies within the story.

The Red Hill (Picture 2):
The Red Hill. Known for the mystery castle that lies on top of it. All who travelled have failed to return. Those who tried went for a reason. To find the "Treasure". The rumor says that the royal family who once lived there was the richer than anyone can imagine. They can afford anything and everything if they want and it was all because of the "Treasure". They believed it because of the location of the castle. On a red and rocky hill, who is able to build a castle there? One wonders. The "Treasure" is unknown but all they know is the magical powers that it withholds.

By Kok Yin.

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