Monday, August 2, 2010

Narrative Description for Two Castles (Daniel)

Towering above the forest landscape stood a majestic castle made out of stone. It’s high walls were grey in colour ,topped with sky blue, coned shape roofs. The highest point of the castle was a tower with a glimmering golden roof from which one could see for miles and miles across the vast land. The overcast sky seemed to make the castle shine and glow, like a flame in the dark of the night. Surrounding the beautiful keep was a river running through a dense forest of massive ancient oak trees and a field of grass, where a lone tree stands. Unbeknownst to many, hidden deep inside the majestic castle lay a dark and wicked secret, a secret which had been the bane of the grand wizard living in the castle for years.

Across an old and broken bridge stood a vanilla white castle atop a rocky and steep hill. It was a magnificent stronghold built out of solid stone blocks, which some say were built to last a millennium, were cut out from the surrounding stone canyons The Path that led up to the stone fortress was narrow and curvy. It had not been used in years for the castle was deserted, abandoned by it’s inhabitants a long time ago. But still it stood, proud and tall, overlooking the barren land that was once filled with fields of flowers and luscious green fruit trees, which were given life by a river of fresh water, but now it ran dry. The red clouds and the beautiful sunset seemed to be floating above the castle like hungry vultures soaring above a carcass. As the sun starts to set, another day passes, along with it’s fading hope.

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