Sunday, August 1, 2010


Picture 1

Dark clouds filled the sky, and huge droplets of rain splashed onto the ground. Only the rooms in the castle were dry and warm and protected from the rain. Jack peeped out of a window from the second floor of the castle, with saliva dripping down his furry chin. Jack stared at the countless splashes of raindrops on the wide pavement at the bottom of the castle. Jack was so sad that it was raining, he longed for his master to take him out for a walk in the castle garden.

All of a sudden, Jack heard a loud shout coming from the hallway down the stairs. Hoping that it was his master calling him down to take him for a walk, Jack excitedly scampered down the staircase to await his master's arrival. Surprisingly, no one was there to pick him up. Jack curiously walked out of the front gate of the castle. Without him noticing, the gate was closed by a mysterious force. Jack frantically searched the walls of the castle but to his dismay, all the entrances were sealed. Jack had to find his way in or else he would starve to death!

Picture 2

As blinding rays of sun entered my eyes, everything in front of me was in a blur. Once the light faded and I ventured thorough a jungle, its darkness had engulfed me completely. While giant spiders as big as your head, spun gigantic webs about 2 meters across, my head throbbed in agony hoping that I would not starve to death in such a hellish place. Looking to the right, three human skeletons laid on the moist, yet scorching ground, with their heads twisted in an akward position. I shuddered at the thought of what had happened to them.

I knew that if I wanted to survive, I had to find a way out of this dense jungle fast and acquire some food. Peering into the distance, between a tangle of vines, was the most beautiful and enchanting castle I had ever seen.
"Imagine all the food I could find in there," I thought to myself. I immediately set my mind to find an entrance to the castle. Little did I know what other horrors were in store for me...

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