Monday, August 2, 2010

Introduction on Two Castles (Eunice)

Picture 1 (The Long and winding Road)
As I walked along, I saw a picture. A large picture. A huge drawing hung on the gallery wall. It was an eyesore, as the pictures around it were more cheerful. Happy. It caught my attention, as I stopped moving on and moved closer to it, looking at the details.
A long and winding road was desolate and not well maintained. It looked as if it has not been used for decades. Rocks, covered with dirt, lined the sides. The crumbling floor was evidence that it had been used often in the past. Staring closer at it, I found that there was a gap in the road. Apparently, the road was supposed to connect the cliffs that separated the commoners from the castle. As my eyes wandered further, the road led to a white castle, with black flags on top of the tips. Not connected to the ‘real world’, the people living there must be really outdated, my shallow mind thought. Little did I realise that there was a deeper story behind it....

Picture 2 (Along the Stream)
Rowing along the quiet gentle stream in my old rugged canoe, I get more and more frightened. With alarms ringing in my head, I let the canoe cruise along as I stopped rowing, hesitating over whether I should continue rowing forward or go back to where my friends were, in the more common dam. In a dilemma,  I dipped my hands in the water as I observe my reflection in the water. How did I get into all these trouble in the first place? As I give a dull sigh, my canoe bumped into a wall. A wide wall, in different shades of grey. As I looked up, I saw a magnificent castle. It felt as if it towered over me. I had to stretch my neck tremendously to catch a glimpse of the tip of the highest tower.With its sturdy walls made of bricks, it looked like it had come from a fairytale book. With its flags flying high and proud, I heard the drawbridge creaking open. Feeling very curious, I got out of my canoe to see who it was...

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